From Baker to Vegas to Boston

Shirt from Marathon 2012 - Peace to Boston

Shirt from Marathon 2012 – Peace to Boston

My original intention today was to write about my experience this weekend at the Baker to Vegas Relay with Marathon Man. Then on the way home, the news of the explosion at the Boston Marathon came to us by text messages, Twitter, Facebook, and the radio.

I was at Boston last year to watch my husband. It was an amazing experience. I planned to write about it here on this blog back then too, but something happened in my personal life that caused me to not write about the positive experience and instead I started to write whiny blog posts. I wasn’t a meanie, I was a mopey.

Driving home Monday from Vegas I was thinking to myself I’m not going to be like that anymore, focus on the positives, be more optimistic. Then when I heard the Boston news like many others it effected me on a deep personal level. Then I thought about it more and realized it did not affect me personally at all. I mean I am still very sad and my heart goes out to those families who are affected, but I am safe. No one I know is hurt. But with modern technology and internet news we find out instantly about tragedies that are on the other side of the country that normally we would not have had such intimate details about.

The internet is a great thing and we are still learning how to work with this way of knowing all, and feeling all, and being interconnected in an instant, and yet feeling more and more detached from one another. I don’t have a solution, just a thought about how instant information of tragedies make us have sudden feelings of hate, anger, and accusations. I was very upset and honestly one of the reasons I was upset is that the sad and angry feelings I was having about Boston were overshadowing my positive feelings I had being a part of this weekend with the Baker to Vegas relays. I know it sounds selfish and I apologize if I sound thoughtless or unkind, but I was mad that someone took away the fun time I had this weekend. Then I was mad that someone took away the fun time others were having at Boston. I remember when I was in Boston last year with Marathon Man, Chippy, and Lego Lad. The days before the run, seeing all the other runners walking around the city, sharing their stories, their reasons, their causes for running. It felt like being a part of something bigger.

Marathon running is a very different and unique kind of sport. Most runners willing pay to run 26 miles knowing they won’t win or even be in the top category of runners. Marathon running is a goal with yourself. It is a spiritual and life-changing process and accomplishment. Anyone who has completed a marathon knows that once you have done it, you belong to a group of very special people in the world. It pains me to think of the first timers in Boston and how they did not experience the joy that comes with that accomplishment. Cowards hurt, and maimed, and killed, and again I cannot stress how am very, very, sorry I am for all those affected.

An interesting article on ESPN sports talked about how the elite runnner Meb Keflezighi stayed after to watch the other runners cross the line. Again, when you talk about a professional athlete, how many would wait after they have participated in their event to watch amateurs? I am not a runner, but married to one and I know it is a communal achievement. It is pushing yourself to do your personal best. Yes, it is competition but more than that, there is a spirit of camaraderie that runners believe. Not everyone can run a marathon but those that do wear that achievement badge of honor with pride.

So what’s next? Well first we will try to find out who would do such a terrible thing and second we will have to change the way marathon events are organized. As stated in the same ESPN article by Jason Hartmann, who finished fourth in the mens’ elite race “Our entire sport is going to change.”

And he’s right, in some ways it will. There will be more security, more law enforcement, more background checks, but will that keep the runners from running? Absolutely not.

As elite runner Shalane Flalangan also stated, “The marathon is symbolism for overcoming and facing challenges. This will not stop anyone. If anything, it will inspire people to persevere and show that we’re better than that.”

Yeah. You can’t stop a runner from running. Trust me I know.

I still would like to come back later this week and write about my time this weekend celebrating the Baker to Vegas Relay race that my husband participated in. By no means do I want to show any disrespect to Boston but I want to  share the pride I have for my husband and the officers from my husband’s team as well as all the other officers that participated in this amazing race.

Til then I will leave with this quote that one of my friends posted on their facebook page:


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I’m Nobody, Who are You?

I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!
They’d banish us; you know! How dreary to be somebody!
How public like a frog
To tell one’s name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

Emily Dickinson

I have updated my resume and I have sent some emails. I will be going back to teaching in August. What have I done with my time off? Not much actually and I realize that’s okay. People often think; If I Had the Time I Would _____. Well maybe it does happen to some people. Maybe they go on a whirlwind tour of eating, and praying, and loving, and then write a bestselling novel. Or maybe like me, some people just get a chance to pause, and breathe, and look around.  And have time for the second cup of coffee in the morning.

I am better than I was at this time last year. I understand how much I still want to be a good teacher and how I can go back and be a good teacher while also be a good mom and wife too.

Maybe you don’t write the next Great American Novel. Maybe your blog doesn’t suddenly become the moneymaking machine that all the other blogs promise it can be. But maybe you find yourself in all the craziness and sadness and understand that we are all on this spinning rock in the universe together trying to figure it out. Everyday.

I didn’t figure it out. But I’m okay with it.Public like a Frog

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Guest Blogger – Chiweenie

halloweenieHello all you two legged mis-proportioned creatures. It’s Chiweenie, Big Green Meanie’s wiener dog, posting today. Although my REAL name isn’t Chiweenie, I do sometimes respond to that name because it sounds almost like my real name. And then sometimes I don’t respond at all because, according to this thing called Wikipedia, I have a tendency to be stubborn. I don’t consider myself stubborn but rather selective in what I chose to listen to, which isn’t much.

The other day BGM was sitting around the house thinking about things to post on this blog. She is having what she calls “writer’s block” which I find really funny because; 1) She doesn’t post on this blog that often and, 2) No one is reading it. I think if she told some of her human friends she would get more followers but she’s not going to listen to little ole me. Sheesh, and they say I’M stubborn!

So what has that lady been doing lately huh? Well she started a tumblr blog and wouldn’t you know it the most popular post is about ME! Can you believe it? She complains about teaching, and writes about taking a year off, and being a SAHM, and taking care of Lego Lad and Chippy, and what people really want to know is that, I…like…squirrels. BGM found out how to make a moving picture thingy of me called a gif. It’s basically me looking super adorable with my favorite ball and then jumping. That’s it. Hot dog, I’m a hit! doxie She gets kinda annoyed that I’m popular so the more likes on that tumblr post, the better.


I like it and wish she would make me another one.

So being a SAHM you would think she spends more time playing with me and making outfits like this one.

Nope. Big Green Meanie was all about the Pinterest last summer but lately all she is doing is reading, writing, taking education classes online, and working on this thing called a resume. According to BGM she is going to go back to teaching in August and although she can still return to her school district, she has to find a position at a school. The good news is she doesn’t lose what’s called seniority, which is one of the few perks of being a teacher that other people who aren’t teachers think is unfair. BGM understands why seniority is needed and could probably explain it to you better than me cause you know, I’m a dog, but that’s for another time when she’s blogging. I also heard she passed her CSET for Social Studies which I guess is good. Now she has options of middle school and high school teaching positions as a History Teacher too. I guess options are good, although my options are pretty limited to eating, pooping, peeing, and sleeping.

Does any of this matter to me? Well, I can tell BGM is a little worried, but then I’m always a little worried too. It’s the nature of my bred as they say. Just look at my face.

What me worry?

What me worry?

Some humans say not to worry, but I’m with BGM; worry, worry, worry. Why enjoy the nice comfy couch and blanket when I can think about bad things that probably won’t even happen? Well, I might look worried sometimes but honestly, I am happy to be a part of this family.

So glad to chat for a bit, but I must go now before BGM comes home. She says she is out and about doing something called “research” for her writing and lesson planning. I dunno I think she just messes around on the internet.

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The True Star of the Show – gif of Chiweenie

So I made another gif of Chiweenie after the boys’ gif and posted on my tumblr. Apparently I’m a hit. Go figure.

Here it is:


Yep. You WordPress snobs and your reading and writing STUFF, I’ve got gif skills now!

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Made a gif! How Things Change and Don’t Change at All.

Made a gif!

I don’t know why he is saying “pogo.”

Trying to make my own gif I found this video of the boys from 2008. Funny how they are now teenagers bigger than me but still do this kind of thing to each other. Some things change and some things stay very much the same. Love my two knuckleheads darlings!

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Being the Nutty Brunette

When I was a kid, I was the tough gal, taller than everyone else to be messed with, and I didn’t like the attention that came with being tall. I was smart in elementary and then in junior high I was placed in the smarter classes and suddenly I wasn’t even smart, just average. Only one of my friends from elementary was placed in the gifted classes with me and she was short, blonde, and cute, so she made friends while I tried to just blend into the wall.

All my life I’ve noticed the blondes were the cute ones and the brunettes were the tough ones. If you grew up during the time of the TV show Charlie’s Angels then you know.

Even Sabrina is the tallest one.

Even Sabrina is the tallest one.

Sabrina and Kelly were the tough thinking gals while Jill was very good at tossing her hair. How many women and little girls during this time wanted that feathered blonde Farrah Fawcett hairstyle? I use to play Charlie’s Angel’s with my friends growing up and I always was Sabrina.

Then in the late 90’s there was this awesome cartoon called The Powerpuff Girls which consisted of three superhero girls; Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.



According to Wikipedia, Buttercup,” is the tomboy of the Powerpuff Girls… She frowned and pouted when the Professor named her simply because, like her previously named sisters, her name ‘also starts with B’…Buttercup can be the most surly Powerpuff Girl at times, but is practically fearless, loyal, quick-witted, and willing to fight….She is often reckless, but can be fairly witty at times, and she is frequently sarcastic.” So you can see why BGM can relate to this cartoon character. And let’s not forget that she also wears GREEN.

A more recent “tough gal” example is Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abby. If you haven’t seen the show I hope you can still follow along and appreciate my example. If you have seen it, then you know Mary is the practical, silver-tongued, no-nonsense, eldest daughter of the family. She is seen by most of her family as difficult, especially in relationship with her younger sister Edith. She is married to Matthew who knows she can be difficult but loves her anyway. At the end of this last season there is this scene after Mary has given birth to their son that is so touching and shows how Matthew really loves her.

Matthew – You are going to be such a wonderful mother.

Mary – How do you know?

Mat – Because, because you’re such a wonderful woman.

Mary – I hope I’m allowed to be YOUR Mary Crowley for all eternity. Not Edith’s version, or anyone else’s for that matter.

Mat – You’ll be my Mary always. Because mine is the true Mary. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me.

Mary – You sound rather foreign shouldn’t you be saying things like “You’ll be up and about in no time”?

Mat – I’ll do all that tomorrow. Right now I want to tell you that I’ve fallen more in love with you everyday that passes.

Mary – I’ll remind you of that the next time I scratch the car.

All is good, for now...

All is good, for now…

You see that? Matthew loves Meanie Mary too.

So why the Nutty Brunette? One of the places we go out to eat occasionally is BJ’s restaurant. We don’t like most chain restaurants but the BJ’s we go to has decent food the kids like and of course, there’s beer. One of their beers is called a Nutty Brewnette, which Marathon Man likes to order not only because he likes the taste, but because he likes to make the same joke every time, “Well, I’m married to one, might as well drink one!” Which makes the kids and server semi-laugh. I may be brunette, and nutty, and a toughie, but he likes it.

So Blossom, Sabrina and Mary welcome to the BGM Club. Others may see you as difficult but there are some who will understand your passion. Sometimes I can act a little snobbish, sarcastic, and self-righteous. (Although those can be good qualities if you want to be a teacher, just saying…) I can sometimes not care if someone is on my side at first and then after, I may have offended or hurt someone. MM sees these qualities as passionate. I guess you could say that.

In the end, isn’t being passionate what life’s about?

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Can’t Wait Until February 15th!

What Women WantUgh! This was on my facebook login page. Sorry facebook, you’re wrong. This Big Green Meanie doesn’t want anything on Valentine’s Day, especially overpriced flowers.

I’ve written on my blog before about how I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Hint, Hint, this woman does not want her hubby to spend $$$ for flowers because it’s a day that everyone else gets flowers. Here’s what I do want and surprisingly, do get sometimes.

– Buy (cheaper) flowers on a day “just because”.

– Say I love you even when I’ve gone a little bonkers and drive you crazy!

– Take me out to dinner when you can see I don’t really want to cook tonight.

– Take the kids out to dinner so I can have alone time.

– Do those silly little thing that only you and I know will make me smile.

I told Marathon Man not even a card this year. Honestly!

I cannot wait until Feb 15th.

valentine ecard

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