Happy 6th of July!

I don’t think there is any particular national event today, although I checked online and found out it is National Fried Chicken Day. But from now until Halloween marks the longest period in the US where we are not celebrating a holiday.  Whew! Don’t get me wrong, I have decorations and make special treats, and do special events during each holiday, it’s just that from now until September the only thing the stores can advertise is Back-to-School stuff, which as a teacher, is not something I am rushing out to do just yet.

So what do you do during the off/BYE/lull time of summer?  That’s where the real fun begins.  Because now you are doing things for FUN.  Maybe you have summer school (which I did one year but never again) or maybe you have camp, or maybe you are still working (the one perk of teaching) but for some reason the hot summer months of July and August are the best time of the year for me.  You can get up real early and go for a bike ride.  You can stay up late and watch cruddy TV that you don’t usually watch.  You can go to an air-conditioned library or bookstore and browse all the fun and random books you don’t usually get to read.  Or if you are lucky to have A/C like me when it is 90 outside, you can channel surf in the afternoon plopped on your couch until you find an old movie that reminds you of summertime.  Little Darlings was on yesterday, and I must admit Matt Dillon was a hottie in those shorty shorts. For my family and I, tonight we are going to a baseball game.  Both my husband and I grew up in the So Cal region, so yes, we are going to see the ill-fated Dodgers.  It is sad what’s going on with the team.  It feels like the McCourts are the bad parents fighting for custody of a child neither of them really wants.

Anyways, I’m feeling a little lazy today, and I’m learning to embrace it.  There are no music lessons or sports practices (however track team practice for LL starts next week at 6 am), no job, just still the need to do laundry and the need to figure out what to make for lunch today.  So happy No-Holidays Until October. NHUO?

The 4th is probably my favorite because there is no pressure to buy presents, it’s summer, there are fireworks (I know some people hate them but I love them) fresh fruit, and for me spending time with my family.  I also like this holiday because it is celebrated by all Americans regardless of culture or religion.  That’s why I like Thanksgiving too.  The best holidays for me are inclusive and no pressure to buy anything.  I mean the 4th is about celebrating being an American.  How cool is that? My least favorite holiday is either Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  Valentine’s day because, let’s face it, it’s a girl’s holiday and the pressure for guys to buy something for their sweetie is sexist and unfair.  Christmas is not a favorite because my birthday is in December and I get the combo birthday/Christmas gifts that other people don’t get when they are born a different time of the year.  It’s also a religious holiday that isn’t very Christian, and people who aren’t Christian either celebrate too because it is part of the majority culture or if they don’t celebrate it they feel “left out”.  Also there is so much pressure to BUY STUFF.

Here’s my list, though I may need to come back and rethink it.

1. 4th of July

2. Thanksgiving – and usually you get not one but TWO days with this holiday

3. Halloween – costumes and candies and scary – YES!  Just wish it was a day off too, right?

4. Memorial Day – Honestly, does anyone actually do a yearly event or just enjoy having a day off?

Those are the good ones, now 5 – 9 are the ones I don’t care for.

5. New Year’s Eve

6. Easter – A religious holiday has become commercial with the Easter Bunny and candy and toys and baskets.

7. Christmas

8. Valentine’s Day

9. Labor Day – because it’s the last day before I go back to school 😦

I didn’t include any of the other ones because they’re holidays that you can usually ignore, or if you want, have an excuse for a party.

So my question for you is what are your favorite holidays and why?

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