Going Outside

I don’t know when it happened. I don’t know how to say this any nicer.  Sometimes I hate dislike being around people.  I don’t seem to enjoy going out to events and activities as much anymore.  Did I change or did people change?  I remember reading an article once on the difference in concepts between people as a whole and persons as individuals.  Something about we need to remind ourselves to be better towards others and stuff like that.  Well, I have been at two large crowd events in the last two days and it makes me feel so disheartened.  I say disheartened because people really disappoint me with their lack of awareness of other human beings co-existing in their world.  Let me explain.

Last night we went to the Dodger game and they lost :(.  But what was really upsetting was the man behind us who talked to his buddy the whole time about universal healthcare, unions destroying the country, how most green products like the electric car are actually bad for the environment. etc, etc.  He had an opinion about everything, except the baseball game that was being played right in front of him, and he was very LOUD about that opinion.  So what did the BGM do?  Nothing.  Just whispered into my darling husband’s ear about how rude the man was.  Thank goodness he left after the 7th as did mostly everyone else.  Yeah, that’s another irritating LA Dodgers thing.  People leaving the game early.

The funny thing though, there was this man in front of us who brought his very young son, maybe 3 years old, who was also a bit of a distraction as well because, well he’s a three year old.  The guy tried to get his kid to watch the game, gave him hot dogs and fries, let him hit a beach ball thrown our way, etc.  But that didn’t bother me because I could tell this man wanted to see the baseball game and try to give the experience of the game to his son, though he wasn’t quite mature enough for it yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I found the man and his son very sweet, however distracting it was because he was aware of his nuisance and trying to be apologetic about it. The a-hole gentleman behind me could have cared less who was bothered by his discussing his view of the world. I have had this experience before when I go to an event and it seems like the person doesn’t want to be there.

I don’t get it.  You should really focus on enjoying the moment, like I was trying to do.  I get sometimes you do things you don’t really want to do, like taking your young children to go se Kung-Fu Panda or something, but really?  I was trying to figure out what was the deal with this guy blabbing his friend’s ear off complaining about everything and anything.  I had to reflect later and think possibly this was the only time he could hang out with his buddy, or this was the only time his buddy could handle hanging out with him!  Whatever it was it bugged me the lack of courtesy this man had for the surrounding fans.

The other event was today when I took my sons and a friend to the Long Beach aquarium or as it’s formally called, the Aquarium of the Pacific.  I have a season pass that is going to expire this summer and I’ve had one for the past three years.  I’m not sure if I’ll be renewing it this year because 1.  My sons are teenagers now and they are getting too old to be excited about fish (although the older one had more fun than the younger one this time) and 2. People at the aquarium can be hard to handle. Now I don’t have a Disneyland pass and I have heard horror stories about that place and the rudeness of people and the lack of discipline parents have over their children, but why is it necessary to push and shove at an Aquarium?  I don’t think the fish tanks are going to move.  Wait your turn please.  And this statement is mostly for the adults, not the children.  The kids at the aquarium usually act better than the adults except for this one event that happened to me.

At one point in the aquarium my son was playing a question and answer game on a touch screen computer when a little boy came running up and wedged himself up between my son’s crotch and the screen.  My son later told me the little boy was pushing him you-know-where.  I gently held the boys hand and said calmly “Oh no sweetie, he’s playing a game, you can’t do that.”  Before I could finish that sentence something triggered in that boy to grab my hand and almost bite me!  He actually looked up for a brief moment and had a look of realization that maybe it might be a bad idea to bite a strangers hand.  Fortunately for him and me, the grandfather quickly grabbed the little boy away.  Hopefully the grandfather was a little embarrassed but I don’t know.

The incident brought back memories of my first year teaching middle school when I gently touched a student on the shoulder in an attempt, I thought, to emphasis a point. “Please don’t yell at that girl” I said calm and assertively.  The Student Whisperer I was not.  The student then yelled “Don’t you ever touch me!”  I learned very quickly. Never touch a student. Ever. Period.  Yet for some absentminded reason I didn’t apply my rule to the random stranger child at the aquarium.  Big mistake that could have been worse. Don’t know what I was thinking at the time but the kid was being a brat rushing up and pushing my son.  I never want to discipline anyone’s child, but I don’t want ugliness to be encouraged or unnoticed either.

I guess what I have a hard time with at public events is the sense of entitlement I see.  I don’t know if I can accurately describe it.  Some people have this look or demeanor that projects a “I’m here and I’m gonna do what I want, who cares what you think.”  Other people have this level of obnoxiousness, like they are showing off just how rude the can get.  Yes, I see you showing off.  It’s not cool, dangerous, rebellious, awesome, or whatever, it’s just rude. We shouldn’t be like that right?  I try to teach my boys not to be like that.  I don’t want to stay inside and hide from other people.  I want to see a baseball game and I want to go to an aquarium.  Is that too much to ask?

I don’t want to think I’m better than everyone else, but yeah, I think I know how to behave in a public place.  Do you?  What is something you notice about people when you are out and about that drives you crazy?

p.s. I LOVE the Aquarium of the Pacific, I do, and you should go and learn about all the things they are trying to do to promote awareness for protecting the ocean. I just don’t like when people don’t appreciate a place that’s educational and fun. In fact, why don’t you go to this website and enjoy Mr. Ray singing about the zones of the sea. 

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