Dreaming of sleep. -_- zzz

I think my weird sleeping patterns started after my first son was born.  You develop these weird sleeping patterns with a newborn because, well, the baby is the newcomer in the family that dictates the sleeping patterns of everyone else and when he’s awake, you’re awake, if he’s asleep, you also take that time to sleep, or if you need to, which you always need to, you clean/ cook/ bathe/etc.  One of the simplest ways to understand that we humans do not have complete control is when you try to reason with a newborn baby at 2 am.  Actually after 6 weeks The Book said that some newborns can actually sleep through the entire night (entire night meaning a full 6 hours instead of every 2).  Lego Lad was such a good baby, he actually DID sleep 8 hours straight around 6 weeks old.  So, did I sleep?  I’m sure any newbie mommy can tell you, no, I still woke up after 2 hours, went to check on him, went back and tried to sleep for another two hours and then?  Yep, checked on him again.  The second time I even did the ole mirror over his face because he was sleeping so quietly and I didn’t trust that the air I was feeling wasn’t his breath but perhaps just a breeze.  When Chippy arrived I was not as anxious about his sleeping too much because we had the exact opposite problem with him. He rarely did.  I was exhausted from his lack of sleeping and constant crying.  I found out he had colic for the first two months.  Again from what I have learned from other mommys two months wasn’t that bad.  It was amazing how in those 60 days I survived on 60 hours of sleep.

So fast forward to today and I still can’t sleep normally.  And when I talk normally I mean a straight 7 -8 hours of sleep in a night.  Last night I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 12. Blech. Forgive the writing in this post if it meanders, now you know why.

Why is this a problem now?  My boys are teenagers and I am older more mature as well.  I don’t know what it is, but ever since their births I have this weird pattern of waking up during the night.  My mother calls it the “Mommy Clock” and that you never really get rid of it.  Great.  I know all the studies say sleep helps with improving your health and I know the #1 solution for my dark circles is to just sleep, but Argh! it can be annoying sometimes when you bolt up wide awake in the middle of the night.  Don’t you agree?  I’ve tried tea, relaxation, reading a book, and lots of other ways to fall asleep.  Reading a book actually helps a lot with falling asleep for me.  Oh I have no problem with FALLING asleep, I fall asleep in front of the TV often.  Sometimes I get home from work and go straight to bed. Technically I can get 8 hours of sleep in a day, just not in a row and I heard it’s better that way.

How do you relax to fall asleep?  When you wake up after only a few hours of sleep what do you do to go back to sleep?

And now I will get an hour in before the boys are up.  Nighty- night. Hope you had a good night’s rest.

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