Carmaggedon affects the 30 Day Challenge and Nakedness!

Okay maybe I am getting your attention now? So far it is just me alone out here in cyberspace posting these random blogs.  The title is posted because my family and I did get out of town this weekend and I passed out in the hotel room last night before I could turn on my computer and blog.  So 30 day challenge is still happening but my first assignment is late credit (teacher talk).  We didn’t really go out of town to avoid Carmaggedon.  It just happened to be planned out that way.  Before we booked this trip we debated about going out to Arizona on Thursday, since it was after the All Star game and the Dodgers were still in town playing the Diamondbacks.  No, we thought, let’s just stick with original plan of a So Cal trip, leave on Friday, and that way Chiweenie won’t have to be at the boarding for an extra day.

So we drove down south of Los Angeles and had terrible traffic even though we left in the early afternoon. Two car fires on the 5 South were causing a lot of the problems.  Ergh. At one point my hubby took a detour through Oceanside and we went along PCH but even that was busy, although a much prettier view of the Pacific Ocean.  When we got to the hotel room, we found out it was a lot smaller than we thought.  This was a rare time that we “winged it” with a hotel.    It’s a nice room, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I have a room with a husband who is 6’1″ and two teenage boys both taller than me.  I can’t really give you their height right now, not because of privacy, but literally, they are growing every second.  It’s a two doublebed room, has a microwave and fridge you can actually put stuff in, but there is no balcony/ patio and the windows have big, dark, wood shutters on them.  Feeling a bit claustophobic.

So almost as soon as we get in, my youngest wants to go to the beach.  My hubby suggests going to the pool, my older one is already under the covers and I am thinking I could use a drink.  My mother use to always pack little cocktails for my dad and her on family trips.  Didn’t quite get the whole idea of mini cocktails in the room when I was younger but I definitely get it now!  Anyways, we decide to get in the car and go exploring.  We end up going to see the Torrey Pines Gliderport which was kinda cool.  It was a fairly warm and clear late afternoon.  Just a really perfect beach day.  We noticed there was a trail going down the cliff to the beach so we walked down and when we got to the beach at the bottom we saw – NAKED MEN.  Apparently there were naked women too but the majority of naked people were men.  The funny thing about the beach was that there were a lot of non-naked people too; young couples with clothes on, families with clothes on, other single men with clothes on.  Now, not to assume, but I think my gaydar is pretty good, so let me just say that I had a feeling most of the single men on the beach were gay.  I do know that most of the the naked guys were in pretty good shape for their age. A gay stereotype yes, but don’t you notice they tend to keep up their appearances better than the hetero guys?  “For their age” means a lot of the naked guys looked like they were over the age of 40.  There were a lot of younger cute gay guys by themselves (again I can only assume) but they didn’t go freeballin.  So can you imagine the reaction my boys had when they saw all the penises (peni? or penis as singular, like deer?)  Well my hubby and I like to try to have an open mind about all types of people and all walks of life, and since there were a lot of other people with bathing suits that didn’t seem to mind, we tried to act as cool as we could after our initial little surprise.   The boys reacted for about, um, 30 seconds and then proceeded to go into the tide and play with the seaweed like they always do on beach trips.  A beautiful afternoon at the beach.  Nakedness and all.  Definitely a vacation day to remember.  However I want to point out one last thing about the naked guys that MM and I kept noticing.  Everyone on the beach pretty much just “hung out” (sorry about that!) with their friends on beach towels, or were just tossing balls around (oh not again!) or just played in the water.  The naked guys liked to walk up and down, up and down, up and down, the shore.  It was kinda funny, and I know I couldn’t laugh because it would seem I’m being prude or uptight.  I mean yeah, maybe a little of that, but it’s also because the strutting back and forth was funny.  It reminded me of the peacocks I use to see at Busch Gardens.

Naked dude strutting like a peacock

Peacock strutting like a peacock

Oh dear, peacocks too, I think I’m done now, really.

Okay the question is, how comfortable are you with nakedness?  Do you care if another person is naked?  Have you ever gone naked in public?  What do you think makes people want to be naked?  And lastly, the guy I saw boogieboarding naked, what does he do to avoid chafing?

Found out later we were at Black’s Beach.  This is one of the reasons why we usually research trips ahead of time.

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