Eating my own food on vacation

So we are back from the mini vacay and I’m always a little relieved to be home.  When it’s during the school year Sunday is always rough because I have to prep the boys and prep for school, and unpack the clothes and laundry and, blah, blah, blah.  But when it’s summer I still have to unpack but it’s not as quite a hectic Sunday.  One thing from this trip that I am relieved about is coming home and eating my own food.  On this trip we did something we haven’t done in a while which is stay at a regular hotel that didn’t have a kitchenette.  That means we had to go out for food for every meal.

Am I weird when I say I like to cook and prepare food on vacation?  There’s just something hectic about always having to find food when I’m in a hotel room that doesn’t have my own snacks and goodies.  Maybe it’s because I have the three eating machines and it’s just so much easier for us to shovel in food we bring along, or maybe it’s that yes, it’s cheaper, but also they will really eat food I will make for them because I know what they like to eat.  On vacation I feel more relaxed about preparing food that we might not usually eat at home.

Hear me out.  I really do LOVE dining at fancy restaurants and eating fancy food, but not so much with my picky boys.  When it’s just MM and me on vacation we love trying new places and eating whenever we feel like it.  But my boys?  If there’s a hamburger on the menu they’re in.  Scallops in a light cream sauce?  Oh no, I can’t pay 25 for a meal that will be half eaten.  Maybe this makes me sound cheap, but it’s not like that.  For example, the boys love sushi and the when we go to the place by our house we spend $$$ because they love it. (Yes, I understand the irony of them not wanting to eat cooked delicious seafood vs. munching on raw fish and seaweed.)  But trying a new place with exotic or different foods on a vacation is just too much of a headache.  And breakfast?  I can make a pretty good breakfast at home and on vacation and I love waking up and being in my Pjs still while we plan the activites of what we will do that day.  If you don’t have a kitchette on vacation you have to change your clothes and brush your teeth, almost like getting ready for work.  Where’s the relaxing in that? So yeah, it’s sounds very housewifey and domestic but it works for me, okay?  So if you want to join us on one of our usual trips, feel free to join us for breakfast.  I’ll even make waffles.

Question:  What’s something you really like to do when you’re on vacation that you don’t normally do?  Making breakfast is what I like to do.

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