Not another food blog. No really, it’s not.

When I first married Marathon Man I didn’t really know how to cook.  I actually remember one time when we were newlyweds he was working nearby and decided to stop by with a friend for a quick bite to eat.  I thought I would make something so I popped in those frozen french bread pizzas.  And I burned them too. Yuck.  I still remember the look on his and his friends face as they “remembered” they were running late and would just get some take-out on the road.  Ouch.  Well after 16 years, two boys and our second wiener dog I have learned a few more tricks.  I STILL make the mac and cheese from the blue box, because it’s still the favorite of my boys.  And I’m embarrassed to admit, but not too embarrassed apparently to write it on a blog, that they still occasionally eat frozen chicken nuggets.

Most days during the school year it is hurry up and figure out a meal that will satisfy all our tastes and that we will all eat.  I would say there are about five dishes that make the cut.  This summer I have begun to explore a more creative side.  I have looked up recipes from cookbooks and magazines and of course food blogs. I did not know this kind of a world existed.  Foodgawker is my favorite by far because its main page is just a grid of pictures of various recipes taken from other food blogs on the internet.  It is basically food porn.  I have been a little adventurous and tried a few recipes, some of which I may someday share on this blog but I want to emphasize this is NOT a food blog.  I love looking at and collecting recipes but I have yet to cook like the talented people I follow who come up with amazing dishes almost daily.

Just the other day we had a little get together at my house and what I usually do is buy a to- go of pasta and pizzas or cook up hotdogs and burgers.  But about two years ago I gave up beef so cooking burgers is not so appealing to me anymore and pasta and pizza is just bread and cheese.  Blech!  This time my hubby came up with a great idea of cooking pollo and carne asada with flour and corn tortillas.  I also made Mexican rice and guacamole from the avocados that hang over our fence from our neighbors yard (They know, I ask, so there!)  My friend brought a garden salad and for dessert I made a pink lemonade icebox pie, brownies, and cornflake cookies.  Wow! It just felt good having a party with food that seemed a little better for you than take-out, ya know?  Of course we still had hot dogs for the kids and some people brought bags of chips but I just found it so refreshing to cook.  So yeah, I would love to show you gorgeous pictures of all the marvelous food I’m making but I didn’t take any pictures this time.  What I can do is show pictures and the recipe for the cornflake cookies.  It’s a recipe from my Swedish mother so forgive me that it is in metric measurements.  I can probably convert it but haven’t yet.

Cornflake Drommor (Dreams)

Preheat oven to 350F

– Cream together

100 grams of unsalted butter ( almost one stick of butter but not quite)

1 dcl vegetable oil

2 dcl of granulated sugar

1 teaspoon of baking soda

– Whisk togethersome of the ingredients

4 dcl of all-purpose flour

3 dcl of crushed cornflakes (squeeze or smash ziploc bag with your hands or a rolling pin.  Chippy has fun helping with this part.)

2 tablespoons of potato flour

2 teaspoon of vanilla sugar (My mom says you can find at Ikea but I found mine at Cost Plus World Market)

– Mix in the flour mixture into the butter mixture.  The dough should form a ball and not be too wet.  Roll into 1 inch balls and place on parchment paper on a baking sheet.  Bake for about 10 minutes.

cornflake dreams

Don’t make these cookies if you are dying from all the heat around the country.  Make the pink lemonade icebox pie instead. Very easy and no baking.

Simple no-bake summer dessert!

Question:  What is a hobby that you wish you had more time to devote too?  What’s keeping you from making the time?   Mine is cooking and baking.  I find I start ideas in summer but then I can get rushed during the school year.  But hey even during the school year, at least we sit down to a family meal at least once or twice a week.

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