Being Worth It

There is an expression that a lot of people use and I’ve heard it being said by me and others lately.  I remember reading another blog by a woman that did not natively speak english and was confused by all the colloquialisms we Americans have.  Being worth it is one of those interesting expressions.  I mean what exactly is IT that’s being worth? Let me see if I can explain this.

Last week we went to go see Captain America in 3D.  We already had free movie passes and had to pay a little extra for the 3D showing of the movie but it was Totally Worth It. (Totally is used quite often by my friends and me.  It is one of the few remnants of my valleyism still. Totally.)  My point is that used in this context, you see how I enjoyed the movie so much more because I didn’t have to pay the full amount for the extra 3D effect.  Did I like the movie?  Yes, very much.  Did the 3D enhance the movie?  No, not really.  The only movie I’ve seen so far where it was “worth it” was Avatar.

Another example of using the expression “worth it” was when the USS Lincoln aircraft carrier was visiting San Pedro last week as well.  We decided to go and visit because the news kept talking about the free tours and there hasn’t been a working air craft carrier in Southern California in over 20 years.  I guess the media did too good of a job because there were tons of people who waited in line for 3 hours.  Yes, I typed that right, 3 hours.  I took my mother and boys and I was worried that my mom was going to get tired and my boys were going to get cranky but surprisingly, we all waited patiently. So the question is, “Was it worth it?”  Would I have stood in line to go watch a movie for 3 hours? No.  Would I do the same for a Disneyland ride?  Of course not.  But this ship was only going to be here for a few days, so yeah, we had to stick it out because it wouldn’t be there the following week.  (And apparently during the next few days the lines and crowds got even WORSE.)  Yes, it was worth it.  I’m not really a very pro military person, but there is something special seeing all the young ladies and gentlemen working hard for our country on this magnificent piece of machinery.  It was awe-inspiring.

For me, being worth it is about two issues; money and time.  I don’t have a lot of the first one (remember I’m a teacher) and during the school year I don’t have a lot of the second one.  But during the summer I have TIME.  It is a beautiful thing.  My husband once told me that people bash teachers because they get jealous about ATTO.  ATTO is an acronym from the book Teacher Man by Frank Mc Court who also wrote Angela’s Ashes. ATTO refers to All That Time Off.  It is probably the number one perk for any teacher.  But what the  average person doesn’t know is that teachers have ATTO because from September until June my life is SCHOOL.  There are no lunch date with friends anymore.  There are no coffee breaks in the office.  There is only a 1/2 hour lunch, which is really only 20 minutes after you get all the students out of the class.  Hopefully you can take that lunch with other adults and not use it for makeup tests, detentions, or study groups.  You can’t blog, text or look at facebook, and going to the bathroom requires you to wait until a bell rings and hope you get back to class in 6 minutes.  So yeah, ATTO is the much-needed detox vacation of teachers.  It is one of the things that make teaching worth it although lately I am having doubts..

Other things that are worth it to me.

1. Going to three(!) different grocery stores for certain food items.  Sprouts has the best produce, Trader Joe’s has all the fun goodies I love, and my regular grocery store is all the other stuff.

2. Good shoes.  I use to shop Payless and Target for shoes because their styles are so cute and cheap.  They still are, but my feet are now so old and sensitive.  I now have plantar faciatis which is a condition from walking on bad shoes like flip flops.  I now buy $50 sandals from The Sandalman at the OC Fair.  Worth it?  You bet!  If you find a style that you love you can wear them for many, many years to come and your feet will thank you. (Not a paid endorsement whatsoever.  Though, yeah, that would be nice 😉 )

3.Running – Blech!  This is a time and motivation commitment.  I know running is good for me to keep my weight in check.  It really works for me.  I just don’t like it.  It is also a very hard thing to plan when I’m back in school because I have to carve out time to run and then shower too.  It’s a good hour commitment that will be hard to schedule once school starts, but worth it.

So dear readers, what are some things that are worth it to you?

Here is the video of the boys and my mom visiting the USS Lincoln.  Go out and enjoy the sun, if it’s not too hot and treat yourself to something special today.  A new outfit, an ice cream cone, a dip in the ocean, whatever it is because remember, you’re worth it.

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2 Responses to Being Worth It

  1. Dave in ME says:

    Trader Joe’s is definitely worth it! We FINALLY have one in Maine and driving 2 hours south to Portland to stock up is worth it!

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