Last Day of Sept, First Month of School Down, 9 More to Go!

Since the family trip at the end of August I have been in back to school mode and haven’t had any time to eat or sleep, let alone blog.  I am already having one of the most challenging years of my teaching career since my first year because I am at a new school learning new procedures, new teacher collaborations and the new school culture.  I feel exhausted, but when I pause, which happens occasionally, I still don’t regret the decision to leave and be here.  Change can be very hard, but very rewarding.  Let’s hope I still feel this way in June!

So because I am trying to be the best at this new school, the personal activities of my life have gone down the toilet.  For example, Chippy and Lego Lad never have their mom take them to the first day of school.  Whether you want to believe this or not, it really is the most important day of the school year.  I have to make that first day special for my students, so I miss out on my own kids big day.  Marathon Man actually just printed out a timeline of pictures of the boys first day from Kindergarten until present.  It was so sweet.  I am lucky that he is there for them and me.

Another activity that has turned to ca-ca (yes, I really do teach English) is my exercise routine.  Haven’t been to the gym, done yoga, bike ride or run since August.  But the good news is that my classroom is on the fourth floor of the new school.  The school stairmaster has been keeping me in shape and when it is after lunch or passing period  and the stairway is full of middle school children, I get to practice my kickboxing skills too.  (I am kidding, sort of.)  Also, because I am stressing and planning and only get a 1/2 hour lunch I’m losing weight too!  Yeah?  Um, well, not a very healthy way to lose weight but whatever, my pants are fitting better now.

So less time with the boys, less time with exercise and less time for my relaxing hobby of baking.  But it is a new adventure that I am trying to stay positive about.  Wish me LUCK!

Back when they were both in Middle School (sigh!)

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