Being Thankful

I… am…so… tired.  But today I am going to reflect on the good things going on in my life.  I know that I have  complained and whined about how hard it is  working in this new school and how needy these kids are  compared to my last school, but I am not going to talk about those issues in this post.  I am going to be thankful.

1) I am thankful for being smart and educated.  I am a teacher but I don’t make more money than any of my other friends that I knew from college.  My wealth doesn’t come from my paycheck, my wealth is the knowledge that I have worked very hard all year to make sure every student is prepared for 7th grade.  At this new school I see that these students are performing right now at a 3rd grade level.  I am going to work VERY hard this year.

2) I am thankful for my closest friends who even though I don’t see every day, I know I can call if there ever was an emergency.  I have been very sad that I haven’t had much fun lately because I am working so hard.  But my husband has reminded me my friends can and will wait for me.  That’s good to know.

3) I am glad for Lego Lad and Chippy being the most awesome teenagers I’ve ever know. I know sometimes I can complain but seriously, my boys don’t swear, don’t drink soda (they don’t like it) they do their homework without me asking them.  Yes they complain about dinner and yes they sometimes forget I can’t just plan around their schedules but I’m very lucky to have such fine young men for my sons.

4)  Of course the most important thing to be thankful for is my hubby Marathon Man who has listened to me complain and cry about this new school year.  He reminds me that I’m lucky and reminds me to be thankful and even when I am being a big full on “B”, he still loves me.  This man will not give up on me, this I know.  How can I not be thankful?

So yes, please think of a list of things to be thankful for.  You may not think there are many but do you need a lot?  No, what you need are things that make your life meaningful and I need to remember that every day.  🙂

I'm not making the turkey but I'm bringing the green bean casserole.

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