Hey Big Green Meanie, Where ya been?

So I was looking at my previous post and I noticed that the last time I wrote was for Thanksgiving and it was only once that month. I also noticed that the previous post was only once in September too.  When I started this blog in the summer it was a good time for me to post because I had not yet started teaching at a new school and I had the most precious gift any mother gets – FREE TIME.  I could have a whole posting of the joys of freetime but that is not why I am writing today.

I’m not writing about resolutions because I gave up doing that.  Anyone who is a teacher knows that the end and beginning of the year is not January but June to September.  That’s the time for most teachers resolutions, reflections, and goals for next year if you ask me.  I am writing on how I am setting goals to work on for the next few months, not the whole year.

First goal is to cook more at home and eat more healthy.  I don’t diet, haven’t done that since college, but I do occasionally need to readjust my eating habits now and then.

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies - Click on Picture for link to Bakerella recipe

Like a lot of you I LOVED baking and eating cookies over this Winter Break. Surprisingly when I weighed myself at the gym a few days ago I found out I am still the same weight, but I do not feel fit.  You may or may not know this but weight can be misleading.  Muscle weighs more than fat and sometimes when I start working out again (I haven’t been to the gym in over a month) I actually gain weight but I don’t get upset because I know my blobby belly and jiggly chicken wings are turning into abs of steel and arms of Michelle Obama. (Seriously political affiliations aside, have you seen the first lady in a sleeveless dress – yowza!)

So I have been cooking more at home on this break and researching healthier options for food.  I have even read a few vegan and vegetarian websites.  The problem with this new healthy cooking strategy however is once I start back at school my time to make something is limited. Any recipe that requires more than 30 minutes is a no-go.  Also, I have two teenage boys and a husband who runs marathons. They eat a LOT all the time.  Mass amounts of food is needed at my house and they love meat, meat, meat!  So if I can make a recipe that’s quick, healthy, able to add meat and no meat options it’s a winner for me.  Hopefully I can share somethings that work for me in the future.

Also regarding my health I went to see the OB/Gyn and regular doctor over this break and  I finally got a mammogram.  Yes, ladies even us tiny titty ladies get our boobies smashed and it really does hurt!  But the technician was this sweet Indian lady who could tell I was a newbie and made me laugh.  Found out I am A-Ok so far.  Yeah! Now for the bad news.  When I went to the regular doctor I got blood work for cholesterol  and blood sugar.  Turns out no worries about diabetes, blood pressure okay, but cholesterol is 240!  Over 200 is cause for concern and I am way over. How did this happen to someone who doesn’t drink milk anymore, rarely eat eggs and doesn’t eat red meat?  I think it may be genetic.  My father also had high cholesterol.  Also I have started baking a lot and I like to use REAL BUTTER.  It makes baked goods taste delicious, no question about that, but now I am looking at more vegan baking recipes because there is no egg or butter in those. Did you know that all meat has cholesterol and that if you don’t eat any meat products, essentially be vegan, you will not ingest any cholesterol?  If I did that for a month would my cholesterol go down?  So yeah, I’m trying to omit butter now, which is easy and I’m not eating pork anymore (goodbye bacon!), but complete vegan is not possible for me because I like to go out to eat with friends. Btw did I mention I had some friends over my house yesterday for wine and CHEESE?  Yeah, no resolutions for this jelly belly gal.

My second goal is to survive the school year until June and then decide to take a leave of absence from teaching for one year if that is possible.  I know teachers who have done that in the past but given the way the school system is with all the budget cuts, I don’t know.  I do know that we have the finances for me to “take a break” but probably not for me to stop working.  I think I have been a very good teacher up until this year but I am so tired as mentioned in previous posts of working so hard.  I am suffering from some severe burn-out.  I do not want to be a teacher who doesn’t care.  I still care so far, but it’s just too much.  Maybe it is because I am at a new school but even if I were to go back to my old school, I think I would still be unhappy.  I feel selfish that happiness and satisfaction is important for my job, I know there are those of you who would want ANY job but I just can’t do it anymore.  At least, not for a while.  Hopefully things will get better in the educational system in California.  We use to be the best in the nation, now we are one of the worst.  I am hoping that I find something related to education because I still do love teaching, but not for LAUSD anymore.  Will it be better in another school district, or charter, or private school?  I just don’t know.

I have only told a few people my plan about ending in June and they all ask, “So what are you going to do?”  I don’t know yet.  Everyone thinks I couldn’t handle being a Stay at Home Mom (or for those of you in the know, SAHM) because I would get bored.  Really?  The few friends that I have who are SAHM don’t look bored.  They look very, very busy.  And I have seen many a recipe and crafting blog of amazing women creating amazing things who are SAHM.  Look at some of the amazing pictures of crafts and recipes posted on Pinterest.  What is Pinterest you ask?  Ahh, it is my new favorite time suck.  I will give you the link to my boards and pins right here, but if that doesn’t work, just request to become a member and become my friend.

Don't laugh this could happen to you!

If you use to sit in your room as a teen and rip out pictures from magazines about your favorite clothes, movies, ideas, food etc. and post them around your room,  you will love this sight!

So happy new year, I hope to keep you informed more often, but I won’t set a goal for that because once school is in session again, who knows?  Do you have resolutions or goals that you think about at the beginning of a new year or do you think resolutions are silly?  What are some things you do when the new year starts because resolutions or not we all think of something we might change or do differently.  Here’s to 2012!

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