Summer, Summer, Summertime

Oh me oh my. I have been so busy and really not so busy I can’t believe it’s already August!  I kept saying to myself that I would post…soon.  It’s just that, well as a teacher I am in the mindset that these few glorious weeks of summer are limited and I must get it ALL done.  So what is it all, hmm?

No I do not teach zombies, just blurring out the image a little. Think I’m gonna miss those knuckleheads? You bet. 😥

Well for starters at the end of June during school I moved all of my materials out of my classroom.  Because I thought I was taking a year off and returning, I did not take all of my stuff home but rather fit as much of the materials that I thought might help the sub in one closet and the more personal items I packed up and put in my garage.  The end of the year was weird this time.  Everyone kept asking, “How does it feel?” “What are your plans for next year?”  At the time I didn’t know, I just knew I needed a break.

So the first few weeks of summer vacation I always refer to as detox.  I learn to sleep in a little bit more, stay up a little bit, enjoy a second cup of coffee in the morning, go pee WHENEVER I feel like it. Some teachers may not admit it, but that is one of the highlights of summer for me. I begin to relax and slow down and talk more with my boys.  I make dinner with real recipes, do the dishes more often, and become a little more affectionate with my hubby ;).  I get NICE.  So yeah I’m not such a Big Green Meanie and I’m enjoying my life.

We went on two major trips this summer and met up with friends that we knew in college and their families.  So good to see friends we haven’t seen in a while.

Enjoying Mount San Jacinto State Park

First we went to Palm Springs in June and it was HOT (yeah I know, who knew?) But a girls shopping trip while the boys went up The Tram for a day hike made it memorable.  And our boys and our friends’ boys got along so well.

The food, the scenery, the Giants fans? Well I guess no city is perfect. MM and our friend still got along after the game.

The most recent trip was to San Francisco.  My boys are Dodgers fans and we saw them WIN against the Giants.  Our friends are huge Giants fans but they were good sports despite our team sweeping the series. Ouch.  Giants fans DO NOT like the Dodgers in case some of you don’t know and we had a few yells and curses our way, but honestly?  The park is so nice and the city itself is so lovely, how can they be that upset?  They have the gorgeous scenery, green grass, beautiful bridges, the amazing restaurants with fresh food ingredients, the cultural diversity.  Yeah, I could live there if I could tear away these So Cal men from all this sunshine.

So this year LAUSD is starting in Aug. instead of early Sept.  Now it is starting to hit me that I won’t be there to greet the new students.  A little sad yes, but more relieved.  I surely hope the climate for teachers improves because I have taken it too personally for too long.  There has been an article that my teacher friends have been commenting on called The Irreplaceables.  Teachers are quitting and those that stay are burning out big time. Duh, we all say.  I guess what worries me is that why aren’t more people upset?  Watching the election crap coverage makes me upset.  I can’t stand either one of them.  Mitt and Barack say SOMETHING specific about improving education and I’m sold.

So yeah, this is why I’m a sucky blogger; too long, too much ranting and raving.  I’ll finish on this note.  I just got a call that while I am still officially an employee with rights to return to the district, I probably won’t go back to my school but have to apply to a new one.  Ugh.  I panicked and cried to MM.  “What are you doing?” he said.  “Just stick with the plan.  A lot can change in one year, right?”  Yes and no I think.  That bit of news kicked me off my lazy summertime butt and I started looking at Administration programs, Masters programs, I signed up to take a test to get a new Science credential, I even looked at job openings for teachings positions.

Yeah, I’ll be fine.  I just need to remember that.  Teaching is was my life but my life is so much more.  Thanks for reading to the end, next time I will try and be less whiny, k?*

Don’t be fooled, this dog has a hard time chilling out just like her mommy.

Now back to what is left of my summer relaxing.

So what has been a major decision in your life that you feared but it turn out okay?

* Who am I kidding?

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