First Week of School Without the BGM

So yeah my summer is still going strong in that my two boys do not go back to school until after Labor Day but LAUSD has started early this year and this is the end of the first week.

So HOW do I FEEL not being at school?

I first want to say I appreciate the few friends who called or texted to ask me that question. I haven’t posted on my facebook that I’m not teaching this year so not too many people are asking. It’s weird how with this newfangled internet thingy the way we announce life events isn’t it? How did we keep up with everyone’s engagements, what they ate, when they exercised, what their babies accomplished before computers? I mean I still have an old fashion address book that has a page for birthdays but I haven’t written in that for years.

So right now, waking up in the middle of the night A-GAIN, I feel anxious and wistful, but in some ways very relieved.

I wish this was a picture of my set. My mother gave it away a long time ago! 😦

Anxious and wistful – I’ve always liked school. I was that kid who played school with her friends.  We would move the chairs in my den to be arranged like desks, then we would go get supplies and sharpen pencils, then make up quizzes from information we copied from the Junior Encyclopedia Britannica on the bookshelf. That was how we did it before Google. Yeah, I’m going to miss school I know it. But right now for me and even some of my students school is not a good place.  This may sound whiny but school isn’t too much fun. Yes we have low test scores, yes the students need more resources but don’t give them MORE TESTS. Don’t lay off 5 teachers the week before school starts. (Perhaps I’m oversharing I know, but these teachers thought they were coming back when they went on vacation in June. Not. Cool. Period.) So yeah I am having a trial separation with school because I’m still in love with it, but it’s not acting like it loves me anymore. Will this end in divorce?  Only time will tell.

Relieved- This has been one of the busiest summers I have ever had. Now that both boys are in high school and both on the cross country team I am constantly waking them up early for practice four days a week, driving them to friends houses, braces, dentist and doctor appointments, grocery and Costco shopping every other day. I could own a cow with the money I spend on gallons of milk. I am also still dealing with my plantar fasciitis.  Not being 100% physically can be very hard when teaching.  When this heel pain started back in November my doctor told me to try to sit more and stand less.   Yeah, you teach a classroom full of 6th graders and see how often you can sit. So it’s good timing for this break. I’m going a little crazy on pinterest right now looking at arts and crafts ideas I want to try. I’m even planning a little crafting corner of the closet in our home office.

It doesn’t look like much now but my first project is to decorate that little space for my creative mojo.

The Legos will be moved and that WHOLE CLOSET will be mine!

I’m feeling pretty good as Ms. Simone would say. I will miss my dear teacher friends and of course, I am also curious to see how much my knucklehead 6th graders have changed over the summer. I use to LOVE that first day of school seeing their faces full of hope and sometimes dread. This is the first one I’ve missed in 12 years. Happy? Yeah sort of. Sad? Yeah sort of. But that is the way of the BGM.

So my question to you is now that summer is almost over and fall is starting what is a ritual or transition that you give up for summer or get back into for fall?  School was mine and now it’s not.

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