In Transition…

How does a play dinosaur in my flowerpot relate to transition? Well it was part of my classroom materials and now it’s home on my porch. Go figure.

Summer is now officially over as my boys went back to school last week and I realizes I am really not teaching this year. Yesterday was the second week I met my teacher friend for coffee. She is also not working at a school this year although she’s on the sub list to be called when needed. This time we met at the coffeehouse Viento y Agua and talked about so many different topics, of course one being the state of teaching right now and what we are planning to do with this year break.  In transition is how she described what we are experiencing right now. We are not working and we are trying to figure out ways to keep ourselves busy and inspired.  Being alone in the morning hasn’t given me the quiet time I was expecting since I still seem to be making up appointments and lunch dates with friends like I did in the summer.  This is the first full week my boys have been in school and I am slowly starting to feel the routine settle in.  One advantage I can see is they really like me being there in the morning and afternoon for them.  I have been to one booster club meeting this week, I plan to go to the PTA meeting next week and Chippy is a freshmen in the marching band so that’s another parent meeting next week. So yeah, the boys are keeping me busy and I’m enjoying being “just mom”.

Chippy is dressed up in his band uniform despite it being 1000 degrees. What a trooper!

I don’t miss school so much yet. I miss some aspects of teaching, like finding an interesting lesson or video online and wanting to share it with my students. Just the other day I found this video that I shared on facebook about anglicized names. It’s called Facundo the Great. It reminded me about a book I read to my 6th graders called Any Small Goodness and how IF I was teaching this year, I would use this video to work with the book reading. It reminds me of an old saying that I am altering here a bit; “You can take the teacher out of the teaching but you can’t take the teaching out of the teacher.”  Hm. That sounded better in my head but I think you get my point.

So I had a little meltdown last night and then fell asleep at 8.  Exhausted.  The thing is, I didn’t think I was going to get so tired as a SAHM* like I did with teaching. Who knew? All those SAHMs who have been doing it for years that’s who.  I know I need to work on establishing a routine.  It’s very hard in that I don’t know what I’m really doing yet.  I mean I know dishes and laundry and picking up the kids but what else?  I bought some crap craft stuff at Joann’s and I finished painting the craft closet (It’s purple!) so no more prepping I’m ready to go. But I’m procrastinating, I’ll admit it.

Where all the magic will happen

I don’t want to start anything because it will probably look bad.  It is the perfectionist in me coming through. As Yoda would say “There is no try, only do” – I just need to do it. I think I need some type of weekly agenda and planning, and I probably need to do this with the cooking and baking too.  Now that I have ATTO** I thought it would be easy to make some decent meals and bake goodies all the time to share.  It’s not happening, I still need to plan it.

So, despite having some apprehension,  I am learning to appreciate this.  As I write this post, I am having coffee and cereal on my back deck while the dog suns herself on my pile of crap stuff.  It’s a beautiful life.  Go out and enjoy!

What are some things you want to do right now but are putting off?  What’s holding you back?

*SAHM – Stay at Home Mom

**ATTO – All That Time Off

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