What’s the difference from being a teacher and a SAHM?

A month has passed and I am settling in a routine of sorts. After my last post I started planning weekly agenda items like computer time and workout time and such.  It has helped me to not drive around so much going here and there and back again. Now I plan a route to get things all done in one trip. This may seem mundane but I never had that problem when my driving routine was drop off kids, go to school, come home. Now that I drop them off in the morning and pick them up afterschool, I’m driving more and with gas in California being 4.40 a gallon, I need to plan.

I thought being a SAHM I would have more “free time”. But now I do all the chores during the week so we can have more family time together on the weekends. Groceries, laundry and cleaning up around the house are done during the day mostly by me instead of rushing to get it done on the weekends. It’s good, I’m not complaining, it’s just that my friends think I am relaxing more. Yes, I don’t have papers to grade and parents to call but I do have meetings to attend and cookies to bake for the Cross Country Team’s Pasta Party (oh yes I DID!)

The Cross Country Boys LOVED these big chocolate chip cookies!

It’s just interesting how people say to me “You are so lucky, I wish I could take a year off”. Yes, I’m lucky but I’m still working. It’s an uncomfortable feeling sometimes when I realize the amount of work I put into the day earned me $0 dollars. But I know you can’t put a price on taking care of your family (can you?) I just wonder how other SAHM feel about their work. Is it a choice? A sacrifice? A joy? I feel lucky but I still hope maybe to find a job that will give me more balance with work and home. Would I find such a job in a binder? Sorry, let’s get to the pros and cons of staying home.

Things I love about being a SAHM

1. Having the option of a SECOND cup of coffee (and that one is HOT too!)

2. Time to read books I want to read, not because it is for school. Right now I’m reading RABID – It’s part history, part science and part horror. Very cool.

3. Organizing and making crappy crafts. I made a note board for my craft closet and a Halloween wreath that probably isn’t pinterest worthy but I had fun.

4. Trying new recipes. I think we all know that we pin recipes on pinterest because we think – someday… But I’ve actually made Salmon with Ginger Butter, Tortilla Soup and Pumpkin Muffins. Sorry no pictures.

5. Being alone. This might sound weird but I haven’t had an alone space ever since I had my own room back in high school. I went straight to college and had roommates, then I lived with my boyfriend, married him, and then kids. The quiet is nice.

Things I miss about teaching

1. I was good at it. I still look at teaching blogs and think of ideas I would use in my classroom if I was teaching today. There are so many fun and interesting resources out there for kids to learn. I still want to be a part of that.

2. My classroom. The other day a friend came over who has two little ones and quit teaching to take care of them. Although she is planning to be home for another year she is hoping to go back soon. One thing she said she missed was her classroom and when she said that I knew what she meant. A teacher’s classroom is their own little kingdom where they are the king or queen. I always tried to make my classroom a place kids wanted to be and happy to walk into. It’s corny I know but ask any teacher and see how they respond. I recently found out the bungalow that was my classroom at my old school was torn down this last summer. They were originally used during a time when enrollment was too big but now the school has less students, so they bulldozed four bungalows to make the parking lot bigger. It’s just a building but the teacher who was my bungalow neighbor sent me a picture and I must admit I was a little teary eyed.

3. The questions all the time. I was always amazed at some of the questions the students would come up with. It drove me a little crazy sometimes, but honestly I loved it when students asked me anything.

4. Seeing when the student gets it and you were the one who help them. Have you seen the light bulb go on over a person’s head when they get it? I have. It’s amazing.

5. The laughing every day. Sometimes 6th graders are stupid. Sometimes other teachers are stupid. Sometimes I was stupid in the middle of class and all the students would call me out on it. Yeah, you gotta laugh at the stupid and the silly. 6th graders made me laugh everyday.

So yeah, I am lucky, but I miss it too.

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