What’s on your blogroll?

02/05/12 – Update – Revised my blogroll, but I think all of these blogs on this post are still pretty awesome!

So I have been writing this blog on and off now for a little over a year now. As you may or may not know, I struggle with trying to be a better blogger and one of the reasons I know that’s holding me back is being authentic.

You see, my name isn’t really Big Green Meanie (What?) and only a handful of friends even know about this blog. I am being so secretive about nothing really. Most of my posts are pretty lame tame. My excuse in the beginning was that I was writing about teaching and needed to keep certain information confidential.  However because of this need to hold back, I feel I have been playing it too safe.  My blog is the plain potato chip sack covering the real exciting me inside. I want this blog to be more of a “bag of interesting”.

I don’t want to be böring.

So I’ve decide to open up a little bit more, show more of my true self. For starters, I realize I needed to update my blogroll. So let me talk about some of my favorites and hope that makes you see more of the real me. Since becoming a SAHM I follow less teaching blogs and more lifestyle blogs.  It’s pretty random, so let’s start!

Teacher Blogs I still follow

1) Cool Cat Teacher inspires me with her candid talk about WHY she teaches though it is a struggle sometimes. Last year she had a few inspirational posts that kept me going like this one. She makes me realize I miss teaching and want to go back.

2) Free Technology for Teachers is a  resource that I don’t need anymore but I still check it out because he knows great computer resources that can be used in education and explains them really well.

Best image of computers and teaching I could get. Don’t know why a student would need a computer for 1+1=2.

I LOVED using the computers in class and I hope when I go back to the classroom I will still be able to incorporate technology in my teaching. It helps all students learn better and it is a skill they will need for their future.

Educational Blogs

These are blogs that would help me if I was still teaching but honestly I just find them very cool because I’m a nerd that way.

1) Brain Pickings has a lot of smart stuff about smart things and makes me feel very erudite. It has reviews of books that may be a little controversial or different than the bestseller list and occasionally it has information about how to be a better writer. My most recent favorite post is this one about Neil Gaiman’s 8 rules of Writing. Honestly, I have not read any of his books but I like the advice.

2) It’s Okay to be Smart. I stumbled on this one last year when I was loooking for resources to enhance my science class.

Okay maybe he looks a little different now but seriously?
We got a bad a** over here.

This site has made me want to pursue a secondary credential in science so I can help students find a love for science. Maybe even someday I will inspire someone to become an astronaut. It has also introduced me to my new fake boyfriend Neil Degrasse Tyson.

3) Colossal is also a blog I stumbled upon looking to find ways to enhance my math and science classes last year. Colossal is primarily an art appreciation blog but art is a subject that can enhance learning in so many other academic subjects. Simply put, incorporating art into the classroom makes learning fun. Art funding is an all time low in California so anytime I can show how art is related to math or any other subject, I’m a winner, and so are my students.

Cooking Blogs

I love recipes that look fun and easy to make without a lot of weird ingredients.  I also like if there are little stories to go along that bring a smile to my face. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody and Joy the Baker do that for me. And of course I check out Pinterest.

Lifestyle/ Homemaking Blogs

These are my guilt pleasures because I just love to look, but realistically I know I probably won’t ever create all the amazing stuff I see. I will probably never recycle and decorate an old window as beautifully as My Repurposed Life  but it’s nice to look at. I also love the craft ideas at Life as a Thrifter and Eclectically Vintage.

Funny Writing Blogs

1) I still get a chuckle from Cake Wrecks. It combines the funny with my love of baking.

2) Crappy Pictures remind me of the funny that comes with the frustration of being a parent sometimes.

3) Finally, I just started following Clown on Fire and he is funny but a bit of a potty mouth so if you want clean wholesome fun, then, er, why are you HERE? I would guess you should stick with Pioneer Woman, which ironically yes, I still do follow because it has been a success for so long and I like to see what makes a successful blog so successful. And I will admit I have watched the Food Network show and gosh darn it, I found it kinda cute.

I realize that there are a few more but again, trying to be a better blogger means trying to make the posts not too long and get to the point. So those are a few. Check out some others on my new improved blogroll (Is 14+ too much?). Maybe this will shed some light onto what kind of gal I am. Internet Hoarder!

My question to you is what’s a blog that you follow and why? Is your blogroll a true reflection of your personality?

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7 Responses to What’s on your blogroll?

  1. Jan says:

    Hi, thanks for the list, I’ve added some of these to my reader. 🙂 I love Barking Up The Wrong Tree (http://www.bakadesuyo.com/), which has lots of articles full of interesting research on personal development.

    • biggreenmeanie says:

      Wow! The first post I looked at was Who is the Smartest Man in the World? http://www.bakadesuyo.com/2012/10/smartest-man-world/
      A man who “dabbles” in quantum physics? Wowsers! Nice blog, looks like my list will be going up soon.
      I also want to add your blog is pretty groovy too. Made a comment about your Great Songs from Brilliantly Bad Singers. http://onebrilliantlife.com/2012/09/26/brilliantly-bad-singers/
      Yeah, saw the Cure in concert once and was disappointed they were so TERRIBLE live. Guess they sound better wearing heavy eyeliner in a black light room while smoking cloves. Not that I KNEW anyone who did that…

      • Jan says:

        My very first concert was The Cure – Robert Smith just stood and sang, never spoke or looked at the audience the entire time, and every song sounded just like the records. At the very end he did a tiny little jig and said goodbye – the Smith-a-likes in the audience went wild. I thought it was ace, and sang the songs all the way home.

  2. wow – how cool to be included among such fabulous blogs! I will be checking out your cooking inspiration!

    • biggreenmeanie says:

      You are most certainly welcome! The Halloween House Tour post was so fun to look at. I get inspired by all the cool ideas you come up with. As for my cooking, well, my picture taking is still a work in progress, so we shall see.

  3. Le Clown says:

    Big Green Meanie,
    Le Clown is working really hard on cutting down on the F bombs. He even blogged about it not too long ago. This being said, there might be less potty mouthed content on his blog, but topics will remain on fire. Thank you for the linkback to my site. Le Clown has a big heart, and he really appreciates the mention.
    Le Clown

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