I’m not Pinterest Perfect, and neither are you.

Love my Halloween costume! – No, not really, I don’t. Help!

It may come as a surprise to anyone who stumbles on to this blog some of my readers, that I may have a flaw or too. Though I have what my mother calls the need to be a perfectionist, I do know deep, deep, down inside if me that it is not humanly possible for anyone. (Although I found out that Brad Pitt recently donated $$ to support the gay marriage efforts in Maine-won!, Maryland-won!, Washington-won! and Minnesota-not yet!, he is not perfect either. How do I know this? Google Brad Pitt’s beard. I rest my case.)

A bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

Anyways aside from the need to go off on follicular tangents I can be pretty good at most things. I was a Girl Scout growing up so I have learned basic survival skills like camping and marketing skills via cookie selling. I also strive at being organized because when I was teaching I knew that is one of the most important aspects of a well-run classroom. So as a SAHM I still use a written daily planner (created with forms found on Pinterest!), an iCal calendar on my iPhone, and the monthly family calendar that is in the kitchen for everyone in the house to see.

My homemade planner is a work-in-progress.

I have excellent baking skills. I am getting better at cooking more homemade recipes. I have been married only once to the same man for over 15 years. He still loves me and I still love him and find him sexy that he can run a marathon faster than anyone I know. My boys still hug and kiss me most of the time, they don’t curse or swear ever, and they don’t drink soda at all.

Sounds pretty perfect, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that nobody’s perfect (shock! awe!) and that you might feel a little down in the dumps if you think your life isn’t perfect like you see on websites such as Pinterest. I have read a few articles claiming that social media websites like facebook and pinterest can damage our self esteem in that we are comparing ourselves too much to others we find “perfect”. I am here to ask, “Why do you do that?” I will let you in on some information about me that you probably could care less about a little secret about me. Do you know I don’t know how to make meringue, or knit, or keep an organic garden alive after the first week? But I still pin information about those kind of things from Pinterest. I don’t compare myself to other pinners. (That seems silly to me and if you do STOP!) I am on pinterest because it’s fun, its creative, it’s inspiring. I love reading the stories about who is pinning what.  Do you ever read the About pages of bloggers? For me a good About page says “I love this and want to share it with you but I’m not perfect” I like when I read an About page that has some modesty, humor, and personal sharing. I steer away from blogs that say “I’m awesome and you can be too if you follow me!” Ugh. That person is too good to be true, like Martha Stewart. Although she did go to prison once remember?

So here are just a few things that make me not perfect. Believe me, the list could be longer but I thought why give out all the secrets and ruin the mystery of the BGM?

1. I don’t really like my dog. My daschund is the second one Marathon Man and I have. My first doxie was “our first baby” before the boys came along. She was sweet and quiet and loveable. Chiweenie is not like the first. She’s hyper, barks a lot, and is unfriendly to other dogs and people. Someone once told me that’s her way of being “protective”. Whatever. Sometimes I am tempted to take her to the shelter when the boys are at school but I know I couldn’t because it would break their hearts and they would be so angry and hurt. They LOVE the psycho playful little dog. It’s hard because I thought I loved animals and this dog gets on my nerves. Being a SAHM this year also means I am the one who spends the most time with the little b*tch.

2. My husband and my sons don’t curse like I said before, but I do, all…the..time! I never did it when the boys were younger and never when I was in the class teaching but as soon as I came home from school tired and cranky I would fire off the expletives. That may be part of the reason why I don’t use swear words in my blog because I do it so much in my daily life. I curse at home, in the car, when I’m with my friends. It’s a venting mechanism I wish I could stop.

3. I am impatient. I don’t like to wait for things. Now that I’m a SAHM I experience going grocery shopping and driving during the daytime hours instead of after work. Some of the types of people who shop during the day are somewhat, ehem, slower than what I am use to when I would rush to the grocery store after work in the afternoons.  Some people like to check out while talking about their entire day or write checks instead of using an ATM card (hello, YOU? it’s 2012!). Some people are just SLOW. I know you are thinking I don’t like old people but that’s not true. I will help the elderly lady who needs to reach the can of soup on the top shelf. I will wait for the elderly gentleman who has just paid for his groceries and is shuffling a bit because of his health. It’s those people, not necessarily older people, who see you behind them and go S…L…O…W…E…R. They know they are holding up the line.

Did I forget my coupons? Hold on a minute, or two, or thousand…

They turn to you with a little grin as if to say ,”I see you and I’m gonna take my time” It’s a power trip thing. Someone please tell me they know about what I am talking about? Also, people who drive slow but don’t give a rat’s a** care that they are keeping most of the traffic from going the speed limit. How is it possible to hold back two lanes of traffic? Finally, if you are in front of me at the left turn signal and you don’t GO when the green arrow light turns GREEN, make sure you don’t have your windows down because I’m gonna be telling you to effin move your gosh durn car and step on the mutha frackin gas pedal!

See? I’m not perfect, just human, like you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some crafting ideas that I may or may not do. Keep pinning and being inspired. Leave comments to people who make you smile or share something you find totally cool. Totally. And remember what Plato said:

So do you ever compare yourself or your life to a blog or website? Do you think Pinterest is a good inspiration or a set up for making us feel inferior?

Now off to make red velvet cupcakes!

Plain cupcakes? No way! I will put the cream cheese frosting on later. Click on picture to follow link to recipe I use.

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