Be Merry, Be Bright

Only because I am holding her favorite ball is why she is sitting so still.

Only because I am holding her favorite ball is why she is sitting so still.

I keep telling myself I am going to write a post before Christmas to try and brighten my (and maybe your) day. Here are the joys of the holiday season so far in the Big Green Meanie house.

I will start off with a serious but meaningful one. Chippy played hooky from school on Monday. Shhh… Oh, he really did have a cough and cold that he was still getting over, but both he and I knew he could have gone to school.  So after I came back from dropping off Lego Lad at school, Chippy had wrote me a letter about how he was a terrible son and felt sad and a lot of other things I won’t share on this blog. Then it hit me. I’m feeling sad and he knows it. He’s feeling sad and I’m not really knowing it. My older son is a junior this year so my focus has been to help Lego Lad prepare for college soon. But Chippy is having some stress too with freshmen year in high school, being in the marching band, practices for both band and running. He’s a good kid. I forget to tell him that sometimes.

So we went to Starbucks and I gave him his first coffee drink, a cafe mocha which is half coffee and half chocolate milk (I think everyone knows this but just in case 😉 ) So, yeah I’ve exposed my youngest to the wonders of caffeinated beverages, and it was good. We later had soup and grilled cheese at Panera. He doesn’t usually get to go to such “swanky” places for lunch, maybe occasionally In-N-Out, so when he said it was the best grilled cheese he ever had, I believed him. Who’d a thought sourdough bread is key to making it delicious? But the best part was the time alone we had to talk about we’ve both been feeling sad recently. As my boys grow to be young men I realize I cannot hide when I’m not okay like I could when they were smaller. I was sad and he was sad and we talked about being sad and that made us both feel better.

On Tuesday I had promised a neighborhood friend of Chippy’s that we would attend her school holiday play. We think she might have a crush on Chippy, but I also think she just likes hanging out at our house. As most parents know most of us just tolerate going to our own child’s activities and would think it insane to volunteer to attend an event of someone else’s child. There’s no familial tie so you can have an excuse, right? Well even though I’m the Big Green Meanie, I can actually be nice at times too. I have been tutoring this girl for math and she kept talking about the play so yeah, I caved, I’m a sucker. But I have to say, the sets were designed so nicely and all the kids knew their lines. I thought they were pretty good. It was good to see kids working so hard for something they loved and I was so glad that I went. At the end I even got a little teary-eyed.

Can you believe I did all this? Gold star for me please!

Can you believe I did all this? Gold star for me please!

Another activity that cheered me up was my baking. Marathon Man told me he was planning to give some goodies to people at his work. The planning was his part, but the making and baking was my part. I must admit I was pretty pleased with myself in making Chocolate Softies, Chocolate Peanut Butter Clusters, Cornflakes Cookies and Pumpkin Bread. When I saw the 14 containers in green and red I thought, “Not bad, BGM, not bad.” It felt good to make things for people I know work so hard all year.

Finally, the Chiweenie is learning to behave better. When I look at Dogshaming I realize how much worse it could be. She still has her barking fits and still has her accidents. But all my presents are still intact and she will always snuggle with you at the end of the day. She may be an anxious dog but she loves every one of us in this crazy family. So yeah, she’s helping me work on the merry and the bright. I can do this. I hope you can too.

What are the things that have given you Christmas cheer lately? I would love to hear about it. And remember, peace on earth and good will towards men, and women, and yeah, little wiener dogs too.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

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