Resolving Not to Make Any Resolutions

Legoland, NYC at "midnight" or actually 6pm

Legoland, NYC at “midnight” or actually 6pm

For a long time I have given up resolutions and focused more on goals that I would like to accomplish throughout the next year. I realize why I gave up resolutions the other day when we were having a family dinner. Please allow me a moment of your time to share my New Year’s celebration before I get to the reason why no resolutions will be made in the BGM house ever again.

So we went to Legoland for New Year’s Eve which if you are a regular reader (haha!) or go to my About section, you know that is my eldest son’s favorite place in the whole world.

Marathon Man was enjoying the food and beer at Stone Brewery

Marathon Man was enjoying the food and beer at Stone Brewery

We stayed at the Carlsbad Sheraton which has a secret back-side entrance to the park. This little perk where we can walk straight from our hotel to the park is extremely cool for Lego Lad. We had driven down the day before so we could stop by on the way to Marathon Man’s favorite place Stone Brewery. It was a chilly day but the food was good and the boys had fresh lemonade while I had a prosecco and MM had a beer, or two.

A lovely day and a lovely evening except all four of us had to share a room. Oh yes, we had two double beds, but between the snoring (MM), sound of the sheets from the tossing and turning (Chippy) and teeth grinding (Lego Lad!) I had about 2 hours of sleep before our day at the park. I braved breakfast and 3 cups of coffee and then it was off to the first roller coaster, watching the boys on the robotic arm thingy called Knight’s Tournament, and then watching them ride Aqua Blasters. I was ready for a nap by 2. So MM was kind enough to send me back to the hotel room while he spent time at Minestorm and the rest of the park.

Who's tired?

Who’s tired?

By 4 I was no longer a zombie and back to a fully charged Meanie! I came back to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks at 6 and then we walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

During our dinner Lego Lad said his New Year’s resolution was to spend more time with his family like he did today. Now this is where the problem starts. So BGM says, “Hey when we get back home let’s make a list of resolutions for each other and share it.” Hugs and cheers Moans and groans from the family but we were having such a great time I didn’t care.

The next day at dinner when we’ve unpacked and are decompressing from all the glorious family time, I give my boys and hubby index cards to write one, just one, resolution for each of us. Lego Lad took it upon himself to write a silly comment about his brother that he thought was harmless but it ended up hurting Chippy’s feeling. Long story short, there was some discussion with my youngest about not being so sensitive about how his older brother sometimes doesn’t pick up on what is appropriate to say and when to filter comments. There was also a discussion with Lego Lad about how although he has opinions about others, he needs to not always share what he thinks. After all the drama discussing I was pooped and in the bedroom had more discussions(!) with Marathon Man about my worries with our eldest son. You see Lego Lad can sometimes be unaware of hurting other people’s feeling because he doesn’t really get his feelings hurt that easily. He’s pretty resilient that way but again, sensitivity to others is not one of his strengths. Chippy is very sensitive, like his mommy, and he needs to work on being less so. So having opposite temperaments can sometimes lead to conflict with my boys. I know teenagers are difficult but I also know Lego Lad is difficult in other ways that I don’t want to share on this blog. I can handle his blunt words and speaking without thinking first. But I worry he will hurt someone or get hurt from someone who doesn’t understand him.

So yeah my first night of 2013 was dealing with emotional teenage boys. sigh. No more resolutions for this family. It wears me out!

What are your goals, dreams and resolutions for 2013? A few of my goals are to have peace, less drama, and be positive. Yeah, those all sound kinda general but that makes them easier to follow right?

Must remember this one when dealing with teenagers.

Must remember this one when dealing with teenagers.

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