I’ve always had RBS, or Resting B*tchface Syndrome

One of my former students posted this on facebook with the caption  "Stay in shcool kids!"

One of my former students posted this on facebook with the caption “Stay in shcool kids!”

As I’ve said before I can curse and swear like the rest of them, but one of the caveats that I said to myself about this blog was no swear words. So when I feel I need to write the bleep and blip words, I plan to use the little asterisks all over the m*ther-f*cking place to get my point across instead of writing the whole curse word out. You know the words, okay? And I hope you know how to spell them, so you can figure then out on your own, okay? Okay.

Back when I was teaching, whenever I confiscated notes in class I would laughed at how awful the spelling of all the words were, but especially the curse words. B*ch, fuk, d*kc (dyslexic maybe?) made me laugh. Did they spell them wrong on purpose? Gosh-golly I sure hope so!

So anyway I suffer from a condition known as Resting B*tchface Syndrome. I’ve had it since I was a little girl which you can see in the Big Green Meanie picture of me from kindergarten. This morning I was looking at something at my computer before taking the boys to school.

Chippy asked, “What’s wrong Mommy? Are you okay?”

I blinked at him a little perplexed and said, “Um, yeah, why?

Sheepishly he said,”Well, I dunno, it’s just that, you look, ya know, kinda angry?”

“No Chippy, I’m fine. I’m just concentrating on looking at the computer.”

Later on I pulled out my cameraphone and snapped a picture of myself. Yikes! Please note the picture posted here is obviously not the very first one but a similar RBS look.  Add more scowl and you’ll get the original. 😡

No really, I'm fine.

No really, I’m fine.

I then found this Thought Catalog post because, of course there is an IN-DEPTH article describing RBS. Whoever coined the phrase, I hope you are trademarking or copyrighting or doing whatever you need to do. The description is so right on.

I guess what I originally wanted to say in this post is, I’m fine. Not mad, but not terribly thrilled about anything in particular today. Just kinda tired as any SAHM in her 40’s with two teenage boys would be.  I use to be kinda cute with my RBS syndrome when I was a kid. “Tough Little Cookie” my mom use to call me. In my teens and twenties I think I had the look of being aloof, so that seemed like a challenging appeal for some guys. In my 30’s my RBS was more pensive so I still had that adorably brooding thing going on. Now in my 40’s? Forget it, I just look scowling and moody.

But really I just wanted to let you know I’m really okay today. I’m not mad or moody, it’s just my normal everyday face.

So my question to you is, what is your “normal everyday face”? Do you think you look approachable? Do you WANT to look approachable?

I will add that as a middle school teacher having RBS is definitely an advantage when you need to work on your teacher look.

From a lovely illustrator blog - Kris Atomic

From a lovely illustrator blog – Kris Atomic

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