Can’t Wait Until February 15th!

What Women WantUgh! This was on my facebook login page. Sorry facebook, you’re wrong. This Big Green Meanie doesn’t want anything on Valentine’s Day, especially overpriced flowers.

I’ve written on my blog before about how I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Hint, Hint, this woman does not want her hubby to spend $$$ for flowers because it’s a day that everyone else gets flowers. Here’s what I do want and surprisingly, do get sometimes.

– Buy (cheaper) flowers on a day “just because”.

– Say I love you even when I’ve gone a little bonkers and drive you crazy!

– Take me out to dinner when you can see I don’t really want to cook tonight.

– Take the kids out to dinner so I can have alone time.

– Do those silly little thing that only you and I know will make me smile.

I told Marathon Man not even a card this year. Honestly!

I cannot wait until Feb 15th.

valentine ecard

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