About BGM

This is the page where I explain who I am and what I’m about.  Okay, here goes:

I am a middle school teacher currently taking a year off from teaching.  This wasn’t really what I wanted to do when I grew up. In fact I had no idea what I wanted to do until about, um age 30?  So yeah, I knew I liked working with teens in my other jobs so I gave it a shot, and it was very, very hard.  It’s gotten better in some ways and even harder in a lot of other ways.

But this blog is not about me being a teacher, it’s about me trying to be a good person.  To do that I need to be good at my job being a SAHM, good to my kids, and good to my husband.  One of the ways I’m doing that is by writing this blog.  Why am I called the Big Green Meanie?  Because there is a picture of me from kindergarten that my husband saw that shows me kinda smiling but not really.  I was a spunky, fiesty kid.  Not a bad kid, no I was smart enough not to be disrespectful or rude, but I could be tough.  Plus being the tallest girl from K until 9th grade made no one else want to mess with me. (See also the First Post – I’m not a Meanie, I’m not!)

For those people who think it doesn't rain in LA, here is the one day during the marathon.

It doesn’t always rain in LA, but when it does, it’s during the marathon.

I’m going to call my husband Marathon Man, or MM for short, because he has finished the LA marathon two years in a row.  How good of a runner is he?  Well he ran in a good enough time to qualify and run in the Boston Marathon in April 2012.  Yeah, he’s awesome.  He also really loves me and honestly sometimes I can’t understand why.  (Remember, I’m called the Big Green Meanie?)  But he insists this is forever even when I have my doubts.  I’m a lucky lady for sure.

Having fun at Legoland

My oldest, I’ll call Lego Lad (LL) because that is his passion.  For real.  Maybe someday I will post pictures of all the crap LEGOs we have in our garage, closets, drawers, etc.  He is in high school right now and is in the honors program getting A’s and B’s so far.  College is something he knows he’s going to do and I forget to tell him enough but yeah, I’m pretty proud of him.

He chose the nickname for himself

Chippy is the youngest and even though he is now taller than me and STILL GROWING, he is still my baby.  Sometimes my hubby says he gets away with too much with me because he knows how to charm me.  MM is right.  Chippy is very musical and plays trumpet in the high school band.  He is now a freshman on the cross country team for his high school.  He is a little harder to motivate. I mean, he is a great reader, but hates to read, gets A’s and B’s without even trying, and would rather play video games all day (He doesn’t, I won’t let him). I know he will find something someday, and go to college too, but right now he has no clue.  He looks like me and acts a lot like me when I was his age.

Chiweenie – Not her real name

Chiweenie is the psycho dog from heck.  Oh, she’s really not that awful, it’s just that we use to have a dachshund who was sweet, quiet and loveable.  Chiweenie is anxious, hyper, and barks A LOT.  One of the things we are trying to get her to do is not bark at every person who enters our door and not tear up the mail that comes through the mail slot.  *Update summer 2012* – Installed outside mailbox for our sanity and the mail carrier’s as well. She’s very playful and LOVES those boys.  Please understand I don’t hate my dog.  I love her, but just get a little annoyed as most doxie owners can tell you.

So yeah, that’s it for now.  I’ll add more if there’s anything else of importance but really what else could I have missed?  My life is pretty good, but kinda hectic and crazy, just like I’m sure yours can be now and then.  So enjoy the ride.



6 Responses to About BGM

  1. Cadence says:

    Dear BGM,

    I am a senior college student current doing a short study on Anonymous Blogging for my Anthropology of New Media course. My research question is as follows: “Why do people blog anonymously and are content and anonymity correlated?” I happened across your blog and have read it from start to present. I rather enjoyed some of your posts, which made my “assignment” that much more interesting!
    That being said, I think you may have very valuable insight into my research question and would really appreciate your input. Alas, I am well aware of your busy schedule in a trying education system, but if you have a moment and feel so inclined, I would love to send you a brief questionnaire.


  2. biggreenmeanie says:

    Sure why not? I’ll respond to you directly to explain some reasons why. Good luck with the study! 🙂

  3. Cadence says:

    Excellent! Okay, Lest I post everything here for the world to uncover, here is is my email address: peckhamc@lawrence.edu. Perhaps if you email me I can send you the survey and allow you to continue anonymity through this blog.

  4. Le Clown says:

    Dear BGM,
    Question: Does Lego Lad have a Minecraft obession too? My son is really into LEGO and recently just discovered Minecraft, which in his eyes, is the interactive extension of LEGO…
    Le Clown

    • Lego Lad and his brother Chippy are both in high school so we “let them” play the Call of Duty games where they can blow people’s heads off. I tried to get them to play more non-violent games like Civilization and Mario Party but they got these games from friends and are hooked. sigh. They do occasionally turn it off and listen to me reminisce about the innocent days of Ms. Pacman and Frogger. Merci for your comment, I am truly humbled and honored.

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