My blogroll was originally on a sidebar, but I figured instead I would create a separate page listing my blogroll. This list can change from time to time and I try to have a limit of 20 (ish). Maybe this might help you to see the real teacher, nerd, SAHM that I am.

02/05/13 – Updated, added, and deleted to this list.

Teacher/ Teaching Blogs

1) Cool Cat Teacher

2) Free Technology for Teachers

Educational Blogs

3) Brain Pickings

4) It’s Okay to be Smart. Where I discovered Neil Degrasse Tyson

5) Colossal – a very cool art appreciation blog

Cooking Blogs

6. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

7. Joy the Baker

8. Pinterest. Internet Hoarding Heaven!

Funny Writing Blogs

9. Clown on Fire Be warned. He’s French Canadian and likes to use the F-word. But he’s a clown so I guess it’s okay, right?

10. Brain Snorts – I discovered Brainsnorts by following Clown on Fire. He writes about being an ex-teacher which I can most definitely relate to, and I think his writing is funny, sarcastic, witty, and dry. Like white wine, after a few sips, I feel better… 😉

And the rest…

11. Pioneer Woman I still follow Rhee because she was the first blog I saw that made me think I could sorta write a blog too. I don’t really agree with homeschooling views, but love the family, photos and recipes.

12. Eclectically Vintage – I can still have one homey crafty blog, right? Well, this is the one for me!

13. A Beautiful Mess – Okay, one more fashion, crafts and cooking blog. Photos, designs, and fashions are just pretty. Sometimes I like pretty.

14.Vulture and Laughing Squid – I combine these two because sometimes it is the same exact pop culture junk on both of these blogs. Although Vulture is more entertainment news and Laughing Squid can be really, really random.

15. and 16. Freshly Pressed and The Daily Post – because they are both like a box of chocolates and that can be interesting.


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