Guest Blogger – Chiweenie

halloweenieHello all you two legged mis-proportioned creatures. It’s Chiweenie, Big Green Meanie’s wiener dog, posting today. Although my REAL name isn’t Chiweenie, I do sometimes respond to that name because it sounds almost like my real name. And then sometimes I don’t respond at all because, according to this thing called Wikipedia, I have a tendency to be stubborn. I don’t consider myself stubborn but rather selective in what I chose to listen to, which isn’t much.

The other day BGM was sitting around the house thinking about things to post on this blog. She is having what she calls “writer’s block” which I find really funny because; 1) She doesn’t post on this blog that often and, 2) No one is reading it. I think if she told some of her human friends she would get more followers but she’s not going to listen to little ole me. Sheesh, and they say I’M stubborn!

So what has that lady been doing lately huh? Well she started a tumblr blog and wouldn’t you know it the most popular post is about ME! Can you believe it? She complains about teaching, and writes about taking a year off, and being a SAHM, and taking care of Lego Lad and Chippy, and what people really want to know is that, I…like…squirrels. BGM found out how to make a moving picture thingy of me called a gif. It’s basically me looking super adorable with my favorite ball and then jumping. That’s it. Hot dog, I’m a hit! doxie She gets kinda annoyed that I’m popular so the more likes on that tumblr post, the better.


I like it and wish she would make me another one.

So being a SAHM you would think she spends more time playing with me and making outfits like this one.

Nope. Big Green Meanie was all about the Pinterest last summer but lately all she is doing is reading, writing, taking education classes online, and working on this thing called a resume. According to BGM she is going to go back to teaching in August and although she can still return to her school district, she has to find a position at a school. The good news is she doesn’t lose what’s called seniority, which is one of the few perks of being a teacher that other people who aren’t teachers think is unfair. BGM understands why seniority is needed and could probably explain it to you better than me cause you know, I’m a dog, but that’s for another time when she’s blogging. I also heard she passed her CSET for Social Studies which I guess is good. Now she has options of middle school and high school teaching positions as a History Teacher too. I guess options are good, although my options are pretty limited to eating, pooping, peeing, and sleeping.

Does any of this matter to me? Well, I can tell BGM is a little worried, but then I’m always a little worried too. It’s the nature of my bred as they say. Just look at my face.

What me worry?

What me worry?

Some humans say not to worry, but I’m with BGM; worry, worry, worry. Why enjoy the nice comfy couch and blanket when I can think about bad things that probably won’t even happen? Well, I might look worried sometimes but honestly, I am happy to be a part of this family.

So glad to chat for a bit, but I must go now before BGM comes home. She says she is out and about doing something called “research” for her writing and lesson planning. I dunno I think she just messes around on the internet.

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